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Equestrian and riding clothes from Stierna

Stierna Equestrian Sportswear is a Swedish brand with an innovative, technical range designed and developed by dedicated riders. We combine specialist knowledge from the sports and outdoor industry to create a range of high-quality equestrian sportswear that allows the athlete to perform at their optimum. The clothing company Stierna Equestrian Sportswear has from the beginning had the issue of sustainability as one of the parameters in its ambition to develop technical equestrian clothing with high functionality for active riders. The phrase "Buy less, choose well, make it last", a quote by fashion queen Vivienne Westwood, has become a mantra for Stierna's product development. Stiernas sustainability work is an important part of the brand, it´s identity and product development. It is based on three very concrete pillars: social sustainability, environmental sustainability and Sustainability in terms of quality. We have everything from riding pants, riding jackets, riding shirts to stylish and much-needed accessories. What makes us so special is our materials on our equestrian clothing. Here are some of the choices we have made to create our products that are long lasting, easy to care for and environmentally sustainable. Our Cool Anti-Odeur material in Bamboo Charcoal polyester is specially developed for high moisture transport and is antibacterial, without any chemical additives. It minimizes bad odor and keeps you fresh, both during and after riding. EquTex ™ - Fluorocarbon-free protection EquTex ™ fabrics are based on membrane technology and used in Stierna's high performance garments. Free from harmful organic halogens and completely biodegradable. 3M Thinsulate is a recyclable alternative to down. Down is biodegradable, but cannot be recycled without losing some of its quality. The Stierna garments with 3M Thinsulate is as light as natural down, breathes easily and provides the warmth you need during cold winter times. Our equestrian clothing is very easy to use as a layer on each other. For example, if you have a simpler riding top during a cold winter day, you can easily use a fleece jacket and then a wind and waterproof riding jacket, this we call our 3-layer thinking. Here you can make more versatile and efficient use of your equestrian clothing all year round. With a focus on function and innovative design, we create a long-lasting collection for you to feel comfortable in your equestrian clothing regardless of the weather. For us, it's about sustainability. As a young company, this thinking has been part of our identity from the beginning and we are constantly learning by improving our sustainability work. It's about being persistent, overcoming fences and never giving up on the goal. Exactly what we do as a rider!