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2024-03-05 19:50
Robert Kos
Since we started, our goal has been to create thoughtfully created garments with great style, high quality, and impeccable fit. We do this through responsible sourcing and ethical production, so they can be consciously kept for many years to come.
2023-08-12 17:13
Here you get tips on how to take care of your Stierna functional garments in the best way so that they work as they should, stay fresh, and can withstand many years of use.
2022-12-30 10:00
Robert Kos
We are now launching our second report, showing the progress and the steps taken. We are proud to see that progress has been made even though there has been processes that has been delayed due to covid, but through the process with the Sustainability Report we keep track of our key target goals.
2022-10-14 00:00
Robert Kos
Imagine yourself thundering deep into the wilds of Patagonia on horseback. You’ve got your steed underneath you and you are navigating across some of the wildest terrain on Earth attempting to win one of the toughest and most unusual equine challenges in history…this is the Gaucho Derby.
2022-06-01 00:00
Robert Kos
Our Cool Anti-Odour fabric is a material embedded with nanoparticles of activated bamboo charcoal.
2021-09-09 20:17
Looking back at a very different Olympics we took the opportunity to sit down with Stierna Team riders Rafael Losano and Amanda Brieditis and listen to their thoughts after coming home after their first Olympic experience.
2020-04-22 13:00
Robert Kos
Our Cool Anti-Odour™ fabric is a material embedded with nanoparticles of activated bamboo charcoal. The bamboo charcoal is created by heating bamboo at temperatures of 800 degrees and then the charcoal itself is processed and mixed in with fabrics as part of the growing field of nanotechnology.
2020-04-21 13:00
Robert Kos
Stierna Equestrian Sportswear is joined by fashion giant H&M Group, home improvement retailing company B&Q and Danish retailer Coop in supporting chemical expert NGO ChemSec’s corporate initiative for a call to action to end the use of harmful PFAS chemicals in products and supply chains. The petition calls for stricter regulation of PFAS chemicals, which is in line with Stierna's targeted work. Stierna's waterproof riding clothes have been free from PFAS since its launch in 2015.
0000-00-00 00:00
Most of our products are made from polyester. As a fiber, polyester has a long list of benefits. Polyester fabrics can be made to be very durable; they dry quickly, and they wick away moisture efficiently. A polyester fiber can also be reused again and again, without impairing any of its fantastic properties.
0000-00-00 00:00
The clothing company Stierna Equestrian Sportswear has from the beginning had the issue of sustainability as one of the parameters in its ambition to develop technical equestrian clothing with high functionality for active riders. The phrase "Buy less, choose well, make it last", a quote by fashion queen Vivienne Westwood, has become a mantra for Stierna's product development.