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Most of our products are made from polyester. As a fiber, polyester has a long list of benefits. Polyester fabrics can be made to be very durable; they dry quickly, and they wick away moisture efficiently. A polyester fiber can also be reused again and again, without impairing any of its fantastic properties. Most of our polyester garments contains recycled fibers, many are recyclable, and most are both. Production of polyester, especially recycled polyester, require less water to produce than many other fibers, and working closely with our suppliers we can ensure the production is made in a more sustainable way. One of the advantages of polyester is that it can be recycled infinitely without affecting the quality. Recycled polyester is overall one of the most environmentally friendly functional materials available and by offering recycled and recyclable products, we have come closer to our goal of maximum riding experience with minimal environmental impact.