2020-04-22 13:00
Robert Kos

Bamboo charcoal
Our Cool Anti-Odour™ fabric is a material embedded with nanoparticles of activated bamboo charcoal. The bamboo charcoal is created by heating bamboo at temperatures of 800 degrees and then the charcoal itself is processed and mixed in with fabrics as part of the growing field of nanotechnology.

Bamboo charcoal yarn has a cross section filled with varios micro-holes giving it better moisture absorbation and ventilation than conventional fabrics. Bamboo charcoal fabric products can absorb and disperse perspiration quickly, making it feel dry and comfortable with out sticking to your skin.

Bamboo charcoal retains the natural antibacterial and anti-fungal traits of natural bamboo. Because it does not harbour bacteria it will stay odour free for longer
making it more hygenic and healthier.

As the bamboo charcoal nanoparticles are embedded in the fabric rather than simply coated on the surface, our Cool Anti-Odour™ fabric is washable without diminished effectiveness of the charcoal special qualities, even after 50 washes.

Due to the porous nature of bamboo charcoal, our Cool Anti-Odour™ fabric products not only feel dry and cool during hot days, but they are also excellent insulators against the cold thanks to it ́s microfibre structure.

Constructed in our Cool Anti-Odour™ our Layer One tops pro- vides UPF 30, protecting yourself from overexposure to the sun ́s harmful UV rays prevents you from burning and reduces the risk of skin cancer.

Bamboo can grow on marginal land, not suitable for agriculture or forestry. Bamboo forest plantations reach maturity in 4-6 years and culms can be harvested 2-3 years later; trees typically are harvested after 20 to 50 years or more and bamboo releases 35% more oxygen than equivalent areas of trees.