Technical knowledge combined with the innovative design creates the optimal riding gear for the active rider.

When you see a garment with the EQUTEX™ logo, you can be assured that a lot of thought and work went into the process of choosing and combining the right outer fabric with the right membrane. To create a garment that allows you to perform with your horse at your very best no matter the conditions.

Our EQUTEX™ fabrics are based on membrane technology and used in our high-performance garments, allowing the outer fabric to be waterproof while maintaining high levels of breathability.

STIERNA’s EQUTEX™ garments not only protect you from the elements but also manage moisture and maintain proper heat balance to keep you dry, an important part of staying comfortable. Breathable outerwear allows moisture to evaporate rather than trapping it against the body.

An ultra-thin film is laminated (glued under pressure) to the inside of the outer fabric. This film contains microscopic holes that are large enough to release water molecules (perspiration) in the form of steam (transpiration) from our bodies. However, they are too small to let in 1 000 times larger water drops from rain or snow. The difference in temperature and the so-called steam pressure between the inside and outside of the fabric is what drives the steam (perspiration) out through the fabric. This is called breathability and the technology that keeps you comfortable.

• EQUTEX™ garments are waterproof yet breathable. This protects the user from the rain while keeping the body cool and dry by wicking away body moisture.

• EQUTEX™ are different membranes combined with carefully chosen outer fabrics to create combinations to meet specific requirements.

• All seams on an EQUTEX™ garment are tape-sealed

• All EQUTEX™ garments are treated with an Eco-friendly fluorocarbon-free DWR treatment.

• EQUTEX™ garments withstand a water pressure* of minimum 20 000 mm.

• EQUTEX™ garments have a breathability** of minimum 20 000 g/m2/24h.

*Waterproofness is measured in water column, i.e. the pressure a fabric can take before it starts to leak. The higher the water column, expressed in mm, the more pressure the fabric can withstand.

** Breathability is measured in the number of grams of water a square meter of fabric can release in 24 hours, g/m2/24h. The higher the figure, the more moisture is released.

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